Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency


Maryland’s lottery is administered by the State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency. This agency oversees gaming operations at casinos and privately held businesses, regulates online fantasy games and sports wagering, and conducts audits and responsible gambling programs. It is a non-voting member of the General Assembly’s Legislative Policy Committee, and can enter into agreements with other political entities. The agency is also appointed by the Governor.

Among the lottery games offered in Maryland are: Jackpot, Pick 3 and Multi-Match. Players choose between five numbers from 1 to 43 and one bonus number from 0-39 for a prize of $2 to $2000. Earlier versions of Multi-Match were called Lotto and have a minimum jackpot of $500,000. Cash4Life is a multi-state game that allows players to select six numbers from a range of 1 to 60. These tickets cost $2 and are available in 10 states. In addition to these, the state participates in the Powerball, which has a start date of January 31, 2010. Tickets cost $2, and prizes begin at $20 million. A winning ticket can be redeemed at licensed retailers and at Expanded Cashing Authority Program retail locations.

The state’s lottery offers dozens of pre-printed scratch-off games. Drawings for these games are held twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Some of these games feature higher top multipliers, promising super-sized paydays.

In addition to slots and bingo, the state’s lotteries offer other specialty games. In addition to jackpots, the State Lottery provides more than 50 pre-printed scratch-off games. Fast Play instant games are a new addition to the Lottery in 2020. They feature thousands of winning tickets and top prizes of $2 million.

The state’s Gaming Control Division supervises casino and table game operations. It also oversees video lottery terminals and video lottery facilities. The agency has approved contracts for the licensees, vendors, and principal entities that operate these facilities. Since November 2008, the agency has been the authority on the regulation of video lottery terminals in the state.

Various niche games are also offered, including jackpot poker, Jackpot Sit & Go, and Windfall tournaments. However, the most exciting type of gaming is the lottery, as it offers a wide variety of options for gambling. Several state-run lotteries offer sports betting pools, as well. Similarly, several state-run lotteries have special games, such as the Pick 3 game.

Other than the lottery, there are other forms of legal gambling in the state. For example, bingo is played, and slots and table games are regulated by the Oklahoma Gaming Control Commission. Bingo has been around for years. Bingo is played in all Canadian provinces, and all jurisdictions have gaming boards. All of the provinces have casinos and slot machines, as well as small games of chance and table games.

Despite the fact that the majority of the state’s lotteries are available to residents of the United States, it is illegal to gamble unless authorized by law. As a result, there are various laws that regulate the industry and penalize those who engage in unlawful gambling activities.