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Concrete Paving
Concrete Paving


Onycha Industries Corporation was incorporated in December 1996. Onycha dedicated the majority of its resources toward obtaining general contract work with the city, state, county and municipal entities.

As a certified contractor we will also subcontract and complete choice residential projects. In addition to our specialization in concrete and masonry related projects, we also have experience in building structures and landscaping. Our concrete work consists of sidewalks, roads, alleys, parking lots, airport runways, drive approaches, foundations, basements, etc... all of which have been bonded. Read more

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Our Credentials

  • Completed projects awarded by City of Dallas:
    Project 1 Project 2
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  • Andreas Fulcher President/CEO - Voted 2003 Texas Business Man of the Year by the NRCC, and President of the Texas Minority Association of Contractors (TMAC)
  • He began work in construction in 1996 after moving to Texas from Germany. Worked as an administrative coordinator for Crete-Plus in January 1996. Read more


  • To accomplish work of the highest quality, meeting the most demanding standards of excellence.
  • To develop strategic business alliances within the building and trades industry needed to ensure synergism and positive results.
  • To foster small businesses mentoring programs, particularly to minority and women owned businesses.

Our Previous Projects

Our Project Our Project Our Project Our Project Our Project Our Project

2004 Presidents Annual Dinner


National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)
Chairman’s Peacetime Award, Washington D.C.
Andreas Fulcher
President & CEO
(214) 335-2706

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Our Capability

Onycha is a certified (TexDOT) minority-owned, diversified service corporation based in Dallas, Texas. The repertoire of skills and specific functions upon which we concentrate our efforts represent areas of expertise that have been perfected by a staff of professionals possessing many years of hands experience


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